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About Yu Yu Real Estate

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Company name Yu Yu Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Name of Representative Yuko Akimaru

                  Real estate broker (Governor of Fukuoka Prefecture No. 048832)


Location 1-10-19 Hirao, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City No. 402

TEL 092-519-6952

FAX 092-776-6596

Established December 3, 2018

Capital 3 million yen

License / registration number Housing lot building transaction license registration number Fukuoka Governor (1) No. 18966

Affiliated member: Fukuoka Prefecture Land Lot and Building Transaction Business Association Member, General Incorporated Association Japan Real Estate Management Business Association Member, SOS Fukuoka

Sorisso薬院|Sorissoシリーズ|ゆうゆう不動産|福岡テナント不動産|福岡居抜物件 (2).jpg
Sorisso薬院|ゆうゆう不動産|秋丸祐子|福岡テナント|福岡居抜き物件|福岡店舗物件 (11).jpg
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ゆうゆう不動産|福岡テナント|女性スタッフ|福岡店舗不動産 (41).png
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