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What is the absence?

Have you ever seen the word “out of house” when looking for a property? Originally when you move into a tenant property, there is a skeleton (no walls, floors, ceilings, nothing) or office / store finish (walls, floors, ceilings, etc. are finished to the lowest level) There are many deliveries in Japan. "Out-of-home" contracts mainly correspond to service stores such as restaurants and beauty salons and beauty salons,

It is a contract that the next person can move in while keeping the current shop.

Benefits of buying without a residence

・ Since the shop is completed, it means that you can start business immediately by changing the shop name of the shop. (Of course, procedures such as application at the public health center are required.) Air conditioners and fixtures and equipment are also left as they are! !!

・ You can also make a rental contract together with a house-out contract (a furniture and fixtures transfer contract)!

-Especially tenants of restaurants can take over the facilities such as water supply and drainage facilities, ducts, grease traps, etc., so there is a merit in terms of time and cost for the first startup work.

Stores that want to sell without leaving

・ Exemption from cancellation notice to find the next tenant

・ Money remains at hand because equipment in the store is transferred

・ Since the equipment in the store is transferred, the obligation to restore the original condition is exempted.

・ The deposit will be returned in full.

* However, depending on the property, it may not be the full amount due to special contracts.

・ Until the time of delivery, we will process all the following customer contracts.

・ It is possible to open a house while you are open!

・ Customers who are currently asked to leave their house can be consulted!

・ Quote and consultation are of course free! We will visit the store.

・ I want to keep secretly recruiting employees! You can also consult with us!

Precautions regarding the contract

Since the absence contract is a movable contract for buying and selling at a store, it is a separate contract from the lease contract for originally renting a room.

In other words, a contract without a house will be charged separately.

There will be a transaction fee for the store and a transaction fee for the real estate company.

Also, the furniture and fixtures that can be obtained are basic used items.

The former lessee will not be liable if you feel unwell or have any problems immediately after you move in after you move in.

​I want to open a new store. Is it a skeleton or a skeleton?

≪Customers who should be looking for a house without a living≫

・ Customers who want to reduce initial costs, including store interior costs

・ Customers who want to start business soon

・ Customers who are not very particular about store interiors



≪Customers who should look for skeleton properties mainly≫

・ Customers who are particular about the interior

・ Customers who have kitchen equipment, etc. to move into the property due to relocation, etc.


ゆうゆう不動産|中央区高砂|福岡テナント|ゆうゆう不動産お客様の声|福岡居抜き物件 (3).jpg
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