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Tenant contract flow


Yu-yu real estate with a wealth of tenant brokerage records

Actually, there are more than 1000 real estate agents in Fukuoka alone, but I think that there are really few real estate agents who have enough knowledge about tenants.

Tenants are not looking for housing properties, so judgment is important.

Also, if the setup is bad, the movement will stop.

I will do my best to support your dream.

I want to share the joy with you when your shop or company opens.

The best part of tenant brokerage is, of course, being able to witness at the moment of opening a business.

We will help many customers to find tenant properties.


Imagine yourself being successful in that industry in the future!

Finding a tenant is something that everyone has a strong sense of dream, goals, and the desire to take on challenges.

First of all, make sure you have the image that you have succeeded in the industry and will be happier in the future!


Image of business plan!

I don't think you can make a detailed business plan if you haven't decided on the property, but I think that a rough image at this stage will make the subsequent movements easier.

What kind of products do you offer, what kind of customers are you targeting, how many opening staff are there, etc.

If this image is created, I think that the size and location of the property will be visible to some extent.


Contact a real estate company!

I think that those who have the image of STEP 1 and 2 are ready, so let's talk about your dream to the real estate agent!

At Yu-Yu Real Estate, in addition to previewing, consultation on opening business,

We will also discuss the difference between the absence and skeleton and the flow up to the contract.

In fact, if you are new to opening a restaurant, please contact us for any questions such as what you should do, property search, inspection, loan, business plan, etc.

When you visit us, we recommend you to make a reservation.

As well as linking to the homepage, you can make a reservation by phone, so

Please feel free to contact us (* ^-^ *)


Property inspection

If you have an interesting property, just take a look! We will arrange the schedule by telling you the desired schedule for viewing.

Of course, I would advise you on the points of the preview (laughs)!

In particular, there are many things to check for properties that do not have food and drinks, so I will explain in detail!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, such as a preview without a house (^^) /


Application / Examination

Apply for a property if you can meet a property that seems to be successful!

As a general rule, application is done in writing, and it is necessary to fill out the documents and ID for individual customers, and a copy of the company copy for corporate customers.

It is important to note that another person may apply at the same time and that one guarantor is required.

When an application is submitted, the application will be examined based on the submitted documents.

The guarantor will contact you for confirmation, so be sure to give the joint guarantor the details.

On rare occasions, there may be a “landlord screening” or a “management company screening”.

If there are multiple applications mentioned above, or if there are some concerns about the recruitment conditions and application contents, let's firmly convey your strong feelings and business plan!

STEP1 and 2 are useful here.



Once we have a review, we will proceed to the contract. We will fill out and stamp the documents. Documents include lease contracts, important notes, guarantee company contracts, etc. Prepare the necessary documents at the same time as filling out the documents. Documents to be submitted will change depending on the individual contract and corporate contract, and will also change depending on the management company and the landlord, so it is recommended that you confirm the required documents with the real estate agent as soon as possible.

Contract payment will also be made at this timing.



After completing the documents and deposit, you can finally get the property key! Start a new life! When I give you the key, it feels a little lonely, like a graduation ceremony, but I'm very happy to welcome you to the beginning of your new life!

If you have any questions after consultation, or if you have any questions, please contact Yu-Yu Real Estate (* ^^) v

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